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Hello, welcome to Pipz. In your first steps in our system, we'll help you make the most of our marketing, sales and customer success automations software and properly manage your business in an effective, automated way.

In order for you to use the system's full potential, you need to properly configure it together with your website and/or web product. But don't worry: they're quick, and you just need to do it once.

Summary of activities

  1. Track the behavior of leads and customers
  2. Add accounts and domains for sending emails
  3. Chat in real time with leads in your website
  4. Import and segment your contact lists
  5. Automate processes in your first automation

Step 1: Track the behavior of leads and customers

The first step in order to start using our product is to install the tracking code (or tracker) that'll capture events in your website/web product through the feature Event Tracking. The powerful capabilites of our system work by following the behavior of leads and users to work properly:

  • Create and install the tracking code (tracker)
  • Identify Contacts and Companies in the system
  • Send events and pageviews to the system

Step 2: Add accounts and domains for sending emails

To increase the deliverability rate and track interactions from contacts in your email campaigns, you need to enable our system to send messages in your behalf through a security authentication in your domain. With that, you'll lower the chances that emails sent by automations and campaigns get caught in spam filters:

  • Configure your domain's SPF/DKIM authentication
  • Set up the email domain for tracking opens and clicks
  • Create and configure an account for sending emails

Step 3: Chat in real time with leads in your website

Beyond tracking the behavior, Pipz allows you to chat in real time with website visitors, leads and users - for acquiring new opportunities or offering a new support channel for clients. Using the Conversations feature, it's possible to manage all active and closed conversations in a complete sales and support center for your business:

  • Enable online chat in your website or web product
  • Define when the online chat is active
  • Manage tickets and conversations with leads and customers

Step 4: Import and segment your contact lists

You already have a contact list, with customers and companies from another product? Don't worry: our system make it easy to import your contact lists with complete information and custom fields. With the Smart Segments feature, you'll be able to create segments and actions targeted to specific groups of contacts:

  • Import lists of contacts to the system
  • Add companies to the system by importing contacts
  • [Link and unlink contacts from one or more companies

Step 5: Automate processes in your first automation

The Automations feature is where you'll create automated flows to speed up various processes in your company, such as customer engajement, app integration and connecting marketing, sales and customer success tasks through Boards:

  • Creating and managing automation flows
  • Choosing triggers to start automation flows
  • Adding and managing steps in an automation

Next steps

After you set up the basic configurations to start using the product, there are several features that can be explored by your company. Each one of them follows a stage of the customer journey, so that you can make the most of customer acquisition, engagement and retention strategies:

  • Create progressive profiling forms for customer acquisition
  • Build landing pages with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Develop email marketing campaigns with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Creating custom reports using Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Building a knowledge base for proactive customer support

In case you have a question, you can always talk with our Customer Success team. We're here to help you!